Benjabelle Brush Stand

Now that I've invested in some nice brushes, I figured I'd also get a good brush stand to properly dry and maintain my brushes. I had seen some beauty blogger raving about the Benjabelle brush stand. Although a part of me felt like, "hey, great idea, but can't I just make this myself for cheaper?" ... I figured I would buy one first before assuming simple means easy. So, kudos to the creators - the brush stand is simple and functional :).

The Benjabelle box and invoice note :).

Pretty simple assembly: three flat pieces (on the right) to put together ...

and there you go!

The two stand pieces insert into the flat top (seen below).

I tried the stand with a bunch of different sized brushes - Hakuhodo (shorter handles), Tom Ford, MAC, Tokidoki, Real Techniques, and EcoTools.

The idea here is to hang your brushes upside down when drying to help preserve the shape of the bristles and to keep water from entering the brush's metal ferrel (will possibly loosen or damage the brush hairs). 

I figure that I can keep my dirty brushes right side up (as a reminder I need to wash them) and clean brushes hanging upside down.

I did notice that the smaller brushes didn't "stand" very straight up and down. The plastic holder was a little too big for the slimmer brushes, which resulted in them angling down (see pictures below with smaller brushes in the front row).

Still, the smaller brushes still did not touch one another and could work more or less. But, I have enough medium to larger brushes to use the Benjabelle stand for just my medium to larger brushes.

Anyway, I thought it was a neat idea, and it seems to work well with medium to larger brushes. So, I feel better knowing that I can clean my brushes and dry them more effectively. Yes, you can probably find a cheaper DIY alternative, and I actually wouldn't mind looking into something for the smaller/thinner brushes, but I didn't mind paying and supporting the Benjabelle creators. One stand is good enough for me for now :).

**Disclaimer: I purchased all items with my own money. All opinions are my own and not sponsored.