Duty Free Cosmetics and Special Sets ... (if only I could buy them :P)

I was able to check out the Duty Free shop at the Miami airport for a few minutes (had to board :( ) and found some lovely travel edition sets that you cannot normally shop for elsewhere. I wish I could have bought some of these items (or at least stayed longer to look around and take down prices), but maybe I can ask traveling friends if they could pick up something in the future. Again, sorry that I wasn't able to take down prices, too. I was boarding soon and forgot to take down prices. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures below! (The Guerlain travel edition cosmetics were my favorite :) :) ).

You can still buy the 6.8 FL oz bottles of Chanel No 5 Eau De Parfum in the stores and the Chanel.com website, but I still wanted to get a picture of this pretty :).

Soooo cute!!

L.O.V.E. Sisley-Paris products <3

Even Revlon has "Travelers Exclusives" - cool :).