Neiman Marcus Beauty Event: GWP Tote Bag

As I posted with the Saks GWP Hobo Bag with goodies (click here to see post), I wanted to post a picture of my Neiman Marcus GWP Tote Bag. Now, I know some people aren't too impressed by the quality of these bags, but I think they're great for summer/pool bags - throw in some beach towels, sunscreen, etc :). I personally like the NM Tote bag better than the Saks Hobo bag, but I like that they're different styles of bags (Tote vs. Hobo bag). Both the GWP bags are still available at Neiman Marcus ($125 purchase minimum) and Saks ($100 purchase minimum) and free shipping.

I'm curious to see how I like the Cle de Peau Cottons compared to the Shiseido Facial Cottons. The Saks GWP Hobo bag also came with Cle de Peau Cottons. So, I have two samples to try out.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the Neiman Marcus GWP Tote Bag and the free samples inside.

**Disclaimer: I purchased all items with my own money. All opinions are my own and not sponsored.

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  1. I have this exact same tote...The handles are literally becoming unstitched.I feel like its days are numbered...Have you experienced this same problem? How can I fix it?