Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette

I bought my first Chantecaille product - and what a beauty it is :). Here is the Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette!

Although I can't say the packaging is all that flashy (to be honest, it kind of feels like cheap plastic), it's sturdy, thing, and closes shut tightly. For $83, I do expect more out of the packaging, but it could just be that they concentrated on the eyeshadow design on the inside. Plus, 5% of the proceeds goes to the BLOOM Association to ban the unregulated shark fin trade. I could definitely throw this in my purse (I have a medium to large purse), but it's not small. You are getting, however, both eye and cheek products inside.

It comes with plenty of product - 13g.

I actually like that instead of a clear, protective film, they inserted a translucent paper with the product descriptions: Great White (Highlighter), Grey Reef (Eye Color), Black Tip (Eye Liner), and Sea Anemone (Cheek). I appreciate the guidance, and I'm sure you can mix it up whatever way you like (e.g., you could go outside of the box and use the cheek color as an eyeshadow).

(Indoor Day Lighting)

(Flash Lighting)

And now for the swatches!! I found all shadows swatched nicely, and I really like that the top right Grey Reef shadow contains a cool-toned and warm-toned brown. I could see myself using these neutrals happily and adding either the bottom left Black Tip shadow black eyeshadow as a liner, or for a pop of color, using the blue eyeshadow to line the eyes. Finally, I do also like the cheek color - a pretty peachy-pink and highlighter like light pink. You can swirl them together to lighten the peachy-pink blush.

(Indoor Day Lighting)

 (Flash Lighting)

Overall, I'm thrilled with the Chantecaille Save the Sharks Palette (aside from the cheap plastic packaging). I think the shadow combos are great - beautiful highlight colors, cool-toned and warm-toned browns, black and blue shadow liners, and a beautiful peachy-pink blush with light pink highlight. If you've got the cash to splurge ($83), I'd say get it and save a shark :).

**Disclaimer: I purchased all items with my own money. All opinions are my own and not sponsored.

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