Chanel Illusion D'ombres ... and Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals

I'm a big fan of cream color bases (easy to slap on alone and have an eye look), and the Chanel Illusion D'ombres are no exception. I own 6 of them: Fantasme (81), Emerveille (82), Epatant (84), Illusoire (83), Mirifique (85), and Riviere (87 - I believe this is an Asia exclusive sold for a limited time at Nordstrom during their Anniversary sale).

(Indoor Day Lighting)

(Flash Lighting)

A few cons about the product to consider, though: 1) they will dry out if you leave them uncovered (see below),

Illusiore (left) was the first Illusion D'ombre I purchased, and has since dried out. Please note that you can still USE the product. It just loses it's soft spongy texture (see Epatant on the right) which makes it easier to apply in my opinion. I feel like I use more product when it dries out. When it's still soft and spongy, you seem to use much less product to apply on the eye.

I'm also a fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos, and I just bought a few of the new Metals.

(Indoor Day Lighting)

(Direct Day Lighting)

(Flash Lighting)

I know my videos and posts are mostly high end makeup, but I do also own a lot of drugstore brands, too. What do you guys think of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals?

**Disclaimer: I purchased all items with my own money. All opinions are my own and not sponsored.

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