Alex 9 Drawer Unit from IKEA

I decided to buy another Alex 9 Drawer Unit from IKEA. The one I own already holds most of my makeup collection, but I wanted a second one for free sample products (either from buying online or from Glossybox or Beauty Bar's Sample Society), skincare products, and well ... makeup spillovers from the first drawer set :). 

I know these drawers are all the rage for the beauty community, but there were two things that surprised me: 1) the price ($119) and 2) the weight (83 pounds). Now, the price isn't cheap, but I am very happy with my purchase. I would say it is a bit of an investment compared to cheaper alternatives, BUT it is cheaper than some of the heftier furniture designs I've seen. So, love it or leave it - I think it's always best to be aware of your price point/budget before heading out to IKEA. I know some people aren't lucky enough to have one close by them. I think it would be a shame to travel a far ways to IKEA with your heart set on buying these drawers, only to realize they are more expensive than you'd hoped.

Secondly, I was surprised by the weight and large box size. My husband was working, and I really wanted to get the drawers ASAP. So, by myself, I took the task on of loading the large and heavy box onto my cart and into my car :P. I'd say it's definitely possible by yourself, but if you can, I'd recommend bringing a friend who can help. I'm spoiled by my husband who can do this easily by himself, but I thought it'd be fun to film our little IKEA adventure demonstrating one and two person loading.

Here's a look at the starting point ... 

Out of the box!

And organized into pieces :).

and now the final product! 

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