First day of Winter is ... Spring?

Now that I've introduced myself and my intentions, I want to share a quick heads up to those of you looking for Spring 2013 collections (funny how today is the first day of Winter, and the Spring 2013 collections are hitting the counters). I went to my Nordstrom counters yesterday to pick up a Bobbi Brown Deluxe Travel Kit,

and lucky me ... my Guerlain SA (Sales Associate) found me and excitedly showed me her shipment of the Spring 2013 collection. And what a beauty it is! I had been eyeing it online for a few weeks. So, I immediately knew what I wanted ... the PUFF!! hehe ... yes, I wanted the Meteorites Perles du Paradis.

Who can resist that cute powder puff (look at that ribbon bow)!! I absolutely love my Meteorites Perles du Dragon from the Holiday 2012 collection. Now, my Dragon tin has a buddy named Paradis :). Is it strange that I'm slightly addicted to just the sound of swirling my brush in the pearls? **contented sigh**. As you can see from the pictures below, the Perles du Paradis container is larger than the normal-sized Meteorites tins. Also, the Perles du Paradis come in a cardboard "tin," which opens differently from the metal tins (pull the top and sides together like a sliding cylinder, instead of just popping off the top lid).

I managed to swatch most of the Spring 2013 collection at the display, and I was surprised how much I liked the 501 Attrape Couer palette. Seen below, it is a cool toned palette of purples and should compliment my brown-eyed ladies beautifully!

That's it for now. I expect to get my Chanel Spring 2013 shipment soon. Like the Guerlain collection, I'm starting off slow. I only bought two items from the Chanel Spring collection. I still have a hoard of holiday collection items that I'd like to blog and post on YouTube.

Till the next post (assuming the world isn't ending today) - keep it classy and 20% cooler.

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